Illegal Debt Collection Practices in West Virginia

According to WV on January 8, 2014 and January 9, 2014 several lawsuits have been filed alleging inproper debt collection practices by several large financial institutions.

Bayview Loan Servicing and Bank of America, AMS Servicing LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC, JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.,  and Ally Financial Inc. have been sued by various individuals for violations of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act. Some of the defendants were allegedly engaged in conduct where defendant began attempting to collect an unsecured and not legally collectible debt. In addition, the defendant continued to contact the plaintiff even though it was known the plaintiff had an attorney.

If you think a debt collector has used illegal, harassing techniques to collect the debt, contact me at 855 397 6640 (Toll Free) or email me for a free evaluation of your circumstances.

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