What you ought to know about the asbestos legacy as Appalachian Power announces coal-fired power plant closures Glen Lyn, Kanawha River and Phillip Sporn Power Stations.

As the boilermakers, millwrights, insulators, pipefitters, steamfitters, laborers, carpenters, laborers and electricians know who were Pleasants Power Station, Willow Island, West Virginiathere, when the Glen Lyn, Kanawha River and Phillip Sporn Power Stations were was built , asbestos insulations and asbestos products were used throughout the facility:  On the boilers, equipment, pumps, and valves all have asbestos containing products. Unfortunately, as many of the union tradesmen that worked and maintained the Glen Lyn, Kanawha River and Philip Sporn Power Stations already know, asbestos exposure at Glen Lyn, Kanawha River and Philip Sporn Power Stations meant a diagnosis of mesothelioma or lung cancer, years after exposures to asbestos at the Glen Lyn, Kanawha River and Philip Sporn Power Stations.

After diagnosis with Mesothelioma, the first thing many tradesmen say is “I don’t remember exactly which products had asbestos 50 years ago.” That’s completely understandable givenGet More Mesothelioma Disease & Treatment Info that once installed it is impossible to identify by brand or manufacturer asbestos products like pipe insulation are installed.

However, over years of testimony and discovery from lawsuits about the health effects of exposure asbestos in the West Virginia tradesmen has uncovered the names of the manufacturers associated with asbestos and asbestos containing products.

Depositions of the construction workers and maintenance men that built and maintained this power plant establish the manufacturers of the boilers, boiler feed pumps, turbines, precipitators, pumps, pipe insulation used through out the plant. There is no reason to be concerned if you cannot remember a particular brand name, enough people have testified about exactly which asbestos products are in Glen Lyn, Kanawha River and Philip Sporn Power Stations

Read More Below about the Plant Closures from WVVA:

(WVVA)- Appalachian Power President and COO Charles Patton tells WVVA that the Glen Lyn power plant will be closing and that EPA regulations are playing a major role.

The Kanawha River plant, which is just outside of Charleston, and the Sporn units near Point Pleasant, will also be closing.


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