A lobbyist is the last person who should criticize what Lawyers do to protect peoples rights.

Lawyers protect rights.  Lobbyists try to change the law for the benefit of their PAYING customers.  Lobbyists try to manipulate the system at the top in misguided and often misinformed attempt to change the public discourse for the benefit of PAYING CORPORATIONS that do not care for individual rights.Not too many normal, everyday, working people have a LOBBYIST to talk to congress and shape the public debate as a profession.

Here is yet another diatribe by a LOBBYIST WITH NO LEGAL TRAINING OR EXPERIENCE commenting on behalf of a paying corporate client. Formerly with the National Manufacturers Association does not disclose his true motive: profit for corporations. If lawyers didn’t keep fighting asbestos and other hazardous products would never be brought to light.  The recent disclosures by GM concerning concealment of an ignition switch defect is just the latest in a long line of corporations concealing dangerous defects from the public. He’s quick to criticize lawyers but never discloses that his job is as a lobbyist for corporations and has a significant bias, not to mention his financial interest in his his criticisms. He also cites NO EVIDENCE. Something lawyers MUST DO TO WIN AN ARGUMENT.

Here’s what Mr. McKinney does not tell you about his background in his critique of an injury lawyer:

He is not a lawyer and never went to law school.

He joins Americans For Tort Reform Association after five years with the National Association of Manufacturers. As a former award-winning television journalist with a Georgetown University M.A. in American government and public policy, Darren has also worked in key communications positions for two members of Congress and the Treasury Department.

Americans For Tort Reform Association IS funded by big corporations and Mr. McKinney is the Director of Communication for the group.

FROM WVRecord.com:

Trial lawyers in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones


WASHINGTON — Last week in this space, Bernie Layne — the leader of West Virginia’s personal injury lawyers’ lobby — had the hypocritical audacity to attack certain civil justice reform groups, including mine, for, among other things, being funded by “major corporations and industries” and supposedly limiting attendance to our various gatherings to folks who “already espouse [o]ur talking points.”