Weirton Steel mesothelioma lawyerOnce one of the world’s largest producers of tin plate products, Weirton Steel was founded in 1909 and enjoyed nearly 100 years of business, eventually filing for bankruptcy in 2003, following the path of many other steel corporations who were forced to do so when the industry declined.

In the intervening years, however, the company was purchased by its employees, who were bent on saving their company and their town, and for a short time in the 1980s Weirton became the largest employee-owned company in the nation. Though Weirton eventually fell on hard times again, it was long-served by a fiercely loyal and dedicated group of hard-working employees, some 13,000 strong when the company finally folded for good.

Unfortunately, many of those employees walked away not with the rewards they deserved for their hard work but with something much more ominous. Many of Weirton Steel’s employees were eventually diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, caused by decades of daily tasks that involved exposure to hazardous asbestos.

Experienced Weirton Steel Mesothelioma Lawyer

The Law Office of Lee W. Davis has served the needs of many Weirton Steel workers who have been touched by the effects of exposure to asbestos. Lee has viewed, firsthand, the ravages of asbestos-related diseases and the struggles of those who are trying to deal with a future marred by a form of cancer that could probably have been prevented. That’s why he’s committed to assembling successful lawsuits that will provide former Weirton Steel employees with the compensation they need to handle mounting medical bills and other necessities.

As a local attorney, Lee can provide clients with the personal service unavailable from large national firms that tout their success on television ads and social media. Well-versed in steel mill cases in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, Lee has been able to establish important area contacts, is familiar with cancer doctors and surgeons in the region, and knows when and where the problems occurred in facilities such as those that once belonged to Weirton Steel.

As a result of more than a quarter-century of experience, Lee Davis has helped many steel mill employees – including pipefitters, boilermakers, machinists, plumbers, welders, millwrights, and many other workers – walk away from the negotiating table or courtroom with the funds they need to get their finances on the right track and provide for their families after they’re gone.