Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma

Malignant mesothelioma is a rare and complicated disease. It’s a diagnosis that oncologists don’t like giving and one that individuals dread. It’s a form of cancer that, though rare, has impacted so many lives in the United States and beyond, especially since – in most cases – the development of the disease could have been avoided if companies had stopped using asbestos as soon as concerns about the mineral were brought forth.

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Asbestos Woes at Kanawha River Power Plant

Coal has always been a huge commodity in West Virginia and, as such, coal-fired power plants have been abundant in the region. One of those plants is the Kanawha River Power Plant, located near the town of Glasgow and just recently shuttered after more than 60 years of operation.

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U.S. Steel Mesothelioma Lawsuits Common Throughout the Country

In Pittsburgh, U.S. Steel was once a big deal. Founded in 1901 when three different steel companies merged, it was the first billion dollar corporation in the U.S. and it made lots of money for its owners and executives. Thousands upon thousands of individuals throughout the United States and in Canada and Central Europe have been employed by U.S. Steel (formerly USX) and the company’s massive tower still dominates Pittsburgh’s skyline, housing just a fraction of the employees that once made up the city’s U.S. Steel workforce.

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Former Appalachian Electric Power Company Workers Get Mesothelioma

Pleasants Power Station, Willow Island, West Virginia Law Offices of Lee W Davis, Esquire, LLC Mesothelioma and Asbestos Csncer

Most of us don’t think twice about who to thank when our light switches power up our favorite lamps or when we feel warm in the winter or cool in summers. Though we pay our utility bill each month and sometimes cringe at the amount on the “due” line, we rarely consider just what it takes to make life so convenient for the average American.

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Asbestos Use Sparks Rise in Ohio Mesothelioma Cases

Working at a power company has its risks. That’s obvious. When one considers a job at a power plant, the first thing that comes to mind as far as safety is concerned is the chance for accidents that might involve fires, burns, or even electrocution.

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South Charleston West Virginia Mesothelioma

When the first petrochemical plant came to West Virginia in 1920, the locals found themselves on the cutting edge of this newfangled industry. Union Carbide had chosen Clendenin, West Virginia for this honor…and the people rejoiced.

Five years later, when the plant’s needs grew so large that they had to relocate, operations moved to South Charleston’s Blaine Island area adjacent to the Kanawha River, seemingly the ideal spot for a petrochemical company to do its thing and continue to expand.

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Safety of Crumb Rubber Artificial Turf

The debate over the safety of a certain form of artificial turf on which the nation’s kids (and adults) play every day is drawing national attention, yet federal agencies still refuse to answer questions about the material that has many parents concerned every time their children head out to participate in a soccer or football game.

Though NBC News has been diligent about covering the growing concern about crumb rubber turf, the head honcho at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would not answer questions about the material that were posed to her on-camera. That makes parents around the country wonder whether or not she has something to hide.

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Mesothelioma Among Senior Citizens

A cancer diagnosis is a blow at any age. For senior citizens, however, dealing with cancer is especially hard, particularly for those individuals who might be facing the multiple medical concerns that come with aging, including a host of other diseases and disorders. Mesothelioma cancer, quite frequently, is diagnosed among those who would fall into … Read more

Mesothelioma Pain Clinic – What Can You Expect?

Cancer can be a painful disease. Oncologists report that most of their patients identify some degree of cancer-related pain while dealing with the disease and its treatments. Unfortunately, for mesothelioma patients, pain is often a major symptom and one that elicits the most fear in a newly-diagnosed patient. The amount and severity of pain related … Read more