Mesothelioma at Union Carbide

Mesothelioma at Union Carbide, South Charleston, West Virginia has a long history as anyone in the Chemical Valley knows. If you or a loved one worked at Union Carbide in South Charleston West Virginia and has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. You can hire Lee Davis who has more than 25 years experience with Union Carbide in South Charleston West Virginia cases including participating in the Landmark 2002 case in Charleston.

Mesothelioma is a rare but aggressive form of cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. Unfortunately, the use of asbestos was common in many industries, including the chemical industry, for many years before the dangers were fully understood. Union Carbide, a chemical company with a long history in South Charleston, West Virginia, is one of many companies that used asbestos in their operations.

Despite knowing the dangers of asbestos, Union Carbide continued to use the mineral in their products and facilities for many years. This led to many employees and contractors being exposed to asbestos fibers, which can become lodged in the lungs and other organs and cause cancer. As a result, many workers who spent time at Union Carbide’s South Charleston plant have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, Lee Davis is here to help. With his expertise, dedication, and compassionate approach, he is committed to fighting for the rights of mesothelioma victims and their families, seeking justice and fair compensation. Contact Lee Davis today directly at 412-781-0525 for a confidential consultation and take the first step towards reclaiming your future.