And the Winner is…

And the Winner is… of Our Raffle for the 1st Annual Sharpsburg Pride Festival on June 11, 2022 in Kennedy Park in Sharpsburg is Beth Z. Thanks to all who entered and came to the event! Also thanks to the sponsor, The Sharpsburg Human Rights Commission. The Law Offices of Lee W. Davis was happy … Read more

The Johnson & Johnson Texas Two Step

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah discusses the Johnson & Johnson Texas Two Step. Much like Purdue Pharma, J&J is trying to shield their knowledge that baby powder had asbestos contamination dating back to 1957. Johnson & Johnson files for bankruptcy in the hopes of getting out of lawsuits after customers claimed their baby powder gave … Read more

Judd Apatow Releases “Warren Zevon’s Greatest Hits”

Judd Apatow Releases “Warren Zevon's Greatest Hits"

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), an independent nonprofit dedicated to preventing asbestos exposure, applauds the special release of “Warren Zevon’s Greatest Hits (According to Judd Apatow)” on October 24. The album, a collaborative effort between Judd Apatow and ADAO Spokesperson, Jordan Zevon, celebrates legendary musician Warren Zevon’s catalog with a limited vinyl release exclusively … Read more

Montana Adds More Judges to Hear Libby Asbestos Cases

Last year, Montana established an asbestos claims court specifically to hear cases that stem mostly from the Libby disaster involving W. R. Grace and Company and their asbestos-tainted vermiculite mine. Now, still overburdened by suits brought against Grace and others, the Montana Supreme Court has added six more judges to the claims court. Though it’s … Read more

Asbestos Discovery Halts Work at Pennsylvania Quarry

All work ceased at a suburban Philadelphia rock quarry in mid-December when workers discovered naturally-occurring asbestos at the site. Employees at the Rockhill Quarry in East Rockhill, Bucks County, Pennsylvania exposed the fibrous material during routine excavation work and immediately contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to report the find. The DEP gave … Read more

Woman Worried About Asbestos Seals Homes in Plastic

A woman who owns several rental homes in Ithaca, New York has chosen to wrap them in plastic, fearing that they will otherwise be contaminated by the asbestos she believes will be released as authorities continue to tear down the Old Tompkins County Public Library, located just across the street from many of her properties. … Read more

Ten-Minute Cancer Test Could Identify Mesothelioma Faster

Australian scientists announced that they have developed a 10-minute blood test that can detect cancer cells through the identification of the presence of a unique DNA structure. Doctors who treat hard-to-identify cancers like mesothelioma believe this could be a step in the right direction towards earlier detection of the disease and, as such, the ability … Read more

Trump EPA Will Not Ramp Up Asbestos Reporting

Despite a huge increase of asbestos imports into the United States, the Trump administration has denied a petition by an alliance of environmental groups who have called for increased reporting of asbestos importation as well as reports of use by U.S. manufacturers. Involved in the coalition were the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) and the … Read more

DIY Renovation Shows Gloss Over Hazards of Asbestos

If you’re an HGTV junkie, chances are you’ve seen those renovation shows where the handsome host contractor comes across asbestos in his current project, groans a little, and then proceeds to tackle the problem quickly so that he can continue with that all-important renovation, which is scheduled to take only 10 days and cost just … Read more