Company to Pay $1.5M for Asbestos Violations

Chicago Company to Pay $1.5 million for asbestos violations after it built more than 40 mobile and modular home parks in California for alleged violations of California asbestos-related laws at its many properties. According to the Marin Independent Journal, the settlement resolves litigation filed by ten different California counties against Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc. and … Read more

Appeals Court Says Ford Motors Not Liable in Asbestos Case

The New York Supreme Court has ruled that Ford Motor Company is not responsible for the death of an individual who worked as a garage mechanic on Ford automobiles for decades and was regularly exposed to asbestos-containing auto parts. In the case of Mary Juni versus Ford, A. O. Smith Water Products, et al, the … Read more

Reuters Report Spells More Trouble for J&J

In December, the Reuters News Agency published a major report which homed in on the fact that Johnson & Johnson executives knew about asbestos contamination in the company’s talc for decades yet told no one. And now, the fall-out begins. Drug inspectors in India were among the first to react, seizing samples of Johnson & … Read more

Canada Asbestos Ban to Take Effect on Sunday

After a 3-year promise that asbestos would disappear from their country, Canadians are delighted that the ban will begin this coming Sunday, though many advocates rallying for those with asbestos diseases say the country still has a long way to go in making the ban all-inclusive. The federal regulations that were announced this past fall … Read more

Veterans Continue to See Effects of Asbestos Exposure

It’s been decades since many of the men and women being treated at the country’s VA hospitals have seen action, have lived aboard a U.S. Navy ship, or have flown planes for the U.S. Airforce. But just about any veteran will tell you that the years they served are permanently etched into their memories, whether … Read more

PA Hospital to Conduct Key Mesothelioma Clinical Trials

It’s been some time since there’s been a breakthrough concerning treatment for mesothelioma, so it’s especially exciting when new ideas come along and are able to be tested on the population. Such is the outlook in regards to a huge grant recently received by the University of Pennsylvania, earmarked for the development of CAR T-cell … Read more

Neighbors Concerned about Asbestos Released During Shoddy Demolition

Residents of Wilmington, Massachusetts were happy to learn this week that the contractor who tore down an asbestos-filled home in their neighborhood will be subject to a hefty fine due to his disregard for laws governing the removal of the toxic material. The Lowell Sun reported that as neighbors watched the demolition last August, they … Read more

Fires and Asbestos: Inhaling More than Smoke

This year’s California wildfires are horrible. Entire towns have been lost and countless individuals are missing, last seen before the fires spread to their homes and places of businesses. The outlook is not a positive one and it seems like it will be a long time until the flames are under control and the lost … Read more

Hotel Renovation Asbestos Debacle

Several Parties Fined in Hotel Renovation Asbestos Debacle Three different companies involved in the renovation of the century-old Otis Hotel in downtown Spokane, Washington are being charged with asbestos violations that likely caused workers to be exposed to dangerous asbestos. The first company cited by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry is Portland-based … Read more

Documentary Profiles Asbestos

“Dirty Laundry” Documentary Profiles Asbestos Victims An interesting and informative documentary about the impact of asbestos exposure in the U.S. has now been shown at nearly a dozen film festivals, much to the satisfaction of the two cousin film-makers/producers who took on the project after their 90-year-old grandmother died of mesothelioma cancer due to secondary … Read more