Plenty of Armstrong Plant Asbestos Secrets In PA

The small town of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania has seen some big problems. Centrally located in Pennsylvania’s “Rust Belt”, it has experienced a good deal of decline over the last 50 years, especially as steel-making in the region began to take a nose dive.

Armstrong plant asbestosThat meant a drop in housing prices, a change in the quality of life, and a whopping 22 percent of households living below the poverty line. Yes, Beaver Falls certainly fell on hard times as it rode out the 20th and entered the 21st centuries.

Some folks were effected more than others. Still, hose who still had jobs in Beaver Falls’ other industries considered themselves lucky – at least for a while. This included those who were employed at the Armstrong Ceiling Tile plant, which closed in 2011 due to an “inefficient layout” and “old equipment” that rendered the plant no longer economically competitive, according to a press release issued by the company at the time of the plant’s closing.

So, in that year, about 150 mostly-local individuals lost their jobs. Unfortunately, however, others who worked (or had worked) at Armstrong Beaver Falls, where they made specialty ceilings, lost more than their jobs.

They lost their lives, thanks to the company’s lax rules about the use and manufacture of asbestos-containing products.

Armstrong, which is headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had used asbestos for a long time…likely more than a century. But the company didn’t want anyone to know that they were pretty sure asbestos was making their workers sick.

The Epitome Of Corruption

Those were secrets that the Armstrong executives kept close to their chests. There’s even evidence that the company shredded 100 years of documentation pertaining to the use of asbestos and its dangers, intent on keeping those secrets forever.

There’s also proof that when the Beaver Falls plant closed in 2011, the plant higher-ups shredded more asbestos documentation, made a slurry from those docs, and formed the slurry into ceiling tiles. That means those asbestos secrets are now in ceiling tiles in homes and businesses throughout America.

You can’t get much more despicable than that.

Thankfully, many Armstrong Beaver Falls workers have decided not to stand there and take it, particularly because they’re already showing the dreaded signs of asbestos exposure. Many have been diagnosed with deadly mesothelioma cancer, a disease for which the only known cause is exposure to toxic asbestos.

These brave men (and some women) are stepping forward and forging ahead with legal action that will attempt to hold Armstrong responsible for their actions in regards to the negligent use of asbestos.

Anyone who worked at Armstrong Beaver Falls during the era of asbestos use (up to about 1980) could be a candidate for developing mesothelioma and should contact their doctor immediately to receive the appropriate screenings.

Those who’ve already been diagnosed also need to understand that they have only two years from the date of diagnosis to file suit against Armstrong, according to Pennsylvania statute of limitations laws, so time is of the essence.

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So is the choice of attorney. A Pittsburgh-area lawyer who is intimately familiar with Armstrong Ceiling Tile-related cases is the best choice for representation, not a nationally-advertised law firm who has never step foot in Beaver Falls. So make the right choice and take time TODAY to schedule an appointment to learn more about your legal rights to compensation.