Hire a Local Attorney for Wheeling Mesothelioma Cases

Situated along the Ohio River at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, Wheeling, West Virginia was long one of the state’s busiest manufacturing centers, home to a huge variety of industries that kept residents employed for generations. It was also a major transportation hub and, at one time, a gateway to western exploration. Situated 11 miles west of Pennsylvania and across the river from Ohio, it provided locals with lots of opportunities, not only for employment but for fun and recreation as well.

wheeling mesotheliomaThis panhandle town, however, became best known as the home of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation. Wheeling-Pittsburgh was formed as a result of the merger in 1968 between Wheeling Steel, which was founded back in 1920, and the somewhat larger Pittsburgh Steel Corporation. Wheeling’s original plant stretched for more than 30 miles along the Ohio River, an immense facility that employed many area residents.

It was a major producer of hot and cold rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, tin plate, continuous weld pipe, cut nails, and much more.

When Wheeling and Pittsburgh merged, the company became even larger and its production capabilities increased until competition from foreign steel companies stifled American steel manufacturers in the 1980s. In the end, the only surviving operations from Pittsburgh-Wheeling Steel were the coke facilities at Follansbee and the tin mill from Weirton Steel.

Jobs disappeared quickly and Wheeling employees were left with little except, in the case of many, a diagnosis of some sort of asbestos-related illness.

The steel mill wasn’t the only corporation that may have exposed Wheeling residents to asbestos. Many other companies in town used asbestos as well, including:

  • Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and other railroads
  • La Belle Iron Works
  • Continental Foundry and Machine Company
  • Riverside Iron Works
  • American Sheet and Tin Plate Company
  • Pocahontas Tanning Company
  • Reymann Brewing Company

And many others

Due to the vast amount of industry in Wheeling throughout much of the 20th century, locals have seen a growing number of mesothelioma diagnoses over the last few decades. In addition, local attorneys are taking on more and more asbestos cases as it becomes apparent that so many of the above-mentioned companies were negligent as far as exposure to the dangerous mineral was concerned.

Wheeling mesothelioma victims are often enticed by the television ads from large national law firms that tout their success with cases all around the country. However, it has become more and more apparent that if asbestos victims in Wheeling choose a local Wheeling-area attorney, they will receive much better representation from a professional who is intimately familiar with the area and the companies that disregarded the health of their workers.

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Hiring an attorney who is familiar with state laws, previous city-based or regional cases, local Wheeling mesothelioma doctors and hospitals, and other important information and facts about the disease will be to your advantage. Chances are that he or she has filed suit against companies such as Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel in the past, understanding exactly what rights they violated in regards to the health and well-being of their employees.

If you live or work in Wheeling or have worked there in the past and now have mesothelioma, choose a lawyer who already knows where your case might lead. By selecting a local attorney in the Wheeling mesothelioma cases, you’ll have the best chance at a favorable outcome, earning the compensation you’ll need to handle your growing bills and the support you’ll want to get through the process.